About Nova Banka

Azmont Investments operating since 2012 has proudly established Nova Banka in 2016. 

As newly established bank in Montenegro, Nova Banka AD Podgorica is registered with €11.98m worth capital and is seated in Podgorica. As a commercial bank, Nova Banka will offer services to corporate and private clients. Furthermore, from the investors perspective this investment will provide new growth opportunities and connections with the companies as the ones established in Montenegro, as well as the ones established abroad which operate here on this market. 

Nova Banka tends to offer products and services at high standards and creates the added value for its customers. Nova Banka’s vision is to be a prestigious and reliable financial institution with a high market value, which is able to offer a quality service that will make it to be more than bank in every part of its operation, especially in relation to customers.

In its daily operations, the Bank tends to offer optimal solutions from the most appropriate sources, which are the result of a better understanding of the needs and expectations of its customers. The Bank will seek to provide a complete range of products and services for customers in the fastest and most efficient way. 

As a mission, Nova Bank aims to establish global standards in business, putting special emphasis on ethical principles, treating customer satisfaction as a primary goal. To this, as a member of the Montenegrin banking sector, Nova Banka will contribute to the strengthening of bilateral economic and trade relations between Montenegro and Azerbaijan. 

The team of Nova Banka is consisted of good senior professionals as well as of young and very well   educated people. 

The Bank is fully owned by Azmont Investments. The main Bank Branch is in Podgorica, at Marka Miljanova 46 Street.